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Student Resumes

As a student it can be difficult to impress an employer. You probably have plenty of skills to bring to your first job but little experience to prove it. It’s a question of getting noticed and that needs a well-written resume.

You are a secondary student or have just completed your study and are looking to enter the workforce. Having little or no experience of the world of work, you are not entirely sure what businesses are looking for. Well, don’t worry. First up, you’ve got more experience than you think. Course work, volunteering, and extracurricular activities can all be highly relevant to an employer. Second, our experience in education and recruiting, together with our connections across a wide variety of industries mean we know what they’re looking for in a candidate.

Our writers will create the resume you need. We will show off your skills and knowledge to your best advantage and make the absolute most of any experience you have. Let us give you a hand and your future employer will be in no doubt what an asset you’ll be to their team.

Professional Resumes

Sometimes job hunting can be hard, it’s true. The way job adverts read, employers seem to want it all: deep knowledge, killer skills and long experience. Whether you’re looking for a fresh challenge, just getting started (or re-started) in the world of work or are aiming to switch career, it can feel like what you have to offer is too limited. But in reality, it’s all about first impressions and a professional, well-written resume means you’ll make a good one.

Maybe you have some good experience. Maybe you’re just out of school or university. Maybe you’re only now  getting serious’ about your career. Maybe you’re returning to work after some time away. Whatever your situation, our knowledgeable writers are experts in the art of job-seeking and will create a resume that makes the most of what you’ve got.

Each professional resume is written from scratch with the individual in mind. We’ll focus on you and produce a sharp, to-the-point document that shows just what an asset you’ll be to your future employer.

It’s all in the presentation – let us present you in the best possible light.

Cover Letters

Some employers ask you to put a cover letter in with your application or resume. This is an opportunity you can’t miss! Before your future employer sees your resume, they read your cover letter. This is your chance to grab their attention, make them think, Wow!

Not only that, it briefly and clearly frames your application or resume, explaining just how you fit their job requirements. Really, it’s your sales pitch and what it’s selling is YOU.

Our writers know just how to get you noticed… how to create a cover letter that gets your resume or application onto the ‘strong possibility’ pile and not the ‘better luck next time’ pile.

A great cover letter is all about convincing the reader to see you as a great candidate – let us help you shine.