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The 7 biggest mistakes people make in cover letters

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It’s not unusual for an employer to ask you to send a cover letter with your job application or resume. If they do, good news! Because your cover letter is another opportunity to grab their attention and show how perfect you are for the job. But a lot of people blow this opportunity by making … Read more

The 5 essential features of a professional resume

What makes a great resume? While your resume will certainly be unique to you, there are some features or best practice principles that your resume should include if it’s going to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best. A professional resume should: 1.     Be relevant When you have something to say, there’s a temptation to … Read more

6 qualities to look for in a resume-writing service

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Hiring a competent professional to perform a service for you is rarely a mistake and resume-writing is no different. However, given the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people out there offering to write your resume, how do you choose the right one for you? The following 6 qualities are the basics you should be looking … Read more