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6 qualities to look for in a resume-writing service

Hiring a competent professional to perform a service for you is rarely a mistake and resume-writing is no different. However, given the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people out there offering to write your resume, how do you choose the right one for you?

The following 6 qualities are the basics you should be looking for.

1.     They specialise in resumes

You may find an office or clerical services business that will do a nice word processing job on your resume. It will undoubtedly look more impressive when you get it back but a company that specialises in resumes will bring their professional knowledge to bear on how best to market you to employers and give you a professional-looking product.

What’s more, look for a company that specialises in the kind of job hunter you are. Some deal with students, some with senior executives, others in technical roles… For example, at Budget Resumes Australia, our clients are students through mid-level applicants, but for executive positions, we’ll recommend you to someone else – we stick to our niche.

2.     A great website

Think about it, if your resume is the first impression your future employer has of you, then your resume-writer’s website is the first impression you have of them. If they don’t have a professional-looking online presence what does that tell you about them?

3.     They get good reviews and referrals

As with any product or service, customer endorsements are powerful. Talk to people you know – colleagues, friends, family – and find out if they recommend anyone. Look for online reviews. Ask around on job hunter message forums. If someone looking for similar jobs to you had a good experience with a company, the chances are you will too.

4.     They’re open about their process

Some are face to face, some are all about emails and forms and never even speak to a client, others insist on a phone conversation. What suits you best?

Beware of companies whose process consists solely of you filling in a form and them reformatting and editing that information into a resume format. A form is a good way to get the basic details about you and your job hunt, but you’ll usually get a better service from a company that takes the time to actually talk to you. Ideally, you’ll be speaking directly to the writer working on your resume.

5.     Turnaround times

Ask about their turnaround times. How long does it take for you to get the finished resume? Does that timescale suit your situation?

6.     They can provide samples

For the sake of confidentiality, they will be anonymous, but a reputable company should provide you with samples of their work if you ask. That way, you can get a good idea of the way they use language, tailor the resume to a particular job, their standard resume layout, etc.